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Learn How To Fist!

Fisting is an act that requires patiences, arousal from the receiver and lots and lots of good lubrication. Remember this!

If you have ever tried anal sex, you should know that the receiving person is trusting you to listen, feel and respect their wishes.. It should be pleasurable for you and them. Check out the steps below:

1. Get Her Aroused

Get her really aroused in preperation to receive a fist in her pussy. This may take a short or long time, just do what it takes to get her ready.

2. Make Sure She's Relaxed

In a split second, every thing can change if she stops being relaxed! Muscles can tense up, her pussy walls shrink and you might get stuck! If she needs to chill out for a while, you should do the same.. She is in charge of the fisting and not you.

3. Lubrication Is A Must!

It's not natural to have a fist or even a dildo pushed deep in a pussy or even an ass, so you definitely need to use a good sexual lubricant. It is recommended that a latex glove be used for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Insertion of Finger(s)

Push one or two of your fingers into her pussy at a time, slowly and sensually. Try stimulating her clit while you are doing this with some sucking or finger play, she probably will enjoy that!

5. Fisting Time!

Try and get your hand in the smallest and tightest position you can. Cup or ball-up your four fingers around your thumb so that is a small as it can be.

Face your knuckles at the bottom of her pussy (the posterior), and slowy rotate your hand back-and-forth, while slowly and softly pushing inward.

If you manage to get your knuckles through her pussy lips, fabulous! That's the difficult part. Keep her relaxed, she should be breathing deeply to help with that process. Remember: She's in control, if she wants to stop, STOP.

You should be able to slightly rotate your wrist to push past the pubic bonde and reach the inside of her pussy. Eureka! Once inside, your hand should naturally be in the curled (fisted) position. Gently push in and push out, or you can slowly and gently turn your wrist back and forth.


Remember This!

The act of fisting can be quite intense for the receiver, and there is the possibility of feeling vulernable. So, remember to keep this in mind..

It is "their" pleasure that is important and should be your #1 goal!